Generative Art

I became curious about image generation with some of the A.I. technology that became available in the 2022-23 time frame. I started playing and investigating the Stable Diffusion toolset. I needed some fairly powerful hardware so I built a custom graphics workstation with 24 gigabytes of NVRAM on the open-source Linux Ubuntu platform.

This machine became known as the “Gonkulator” which harkens back to a set of friends from post-graduate school who teased me about getting involved in the nascent PC technology of that period.

These series are built from digital photo images imported to my Stable Diffusion A.I. graphics workstation. I then manipulated the image with various toolsets and parameters to obtain an image that I found interesting. It is a highly organic process, with often thousands of images created for review from the batch image creation. I curate a handful of images for selection in any given series. Little, to no additional image editing, is performed.